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“At first, I thought genetic testing was merely an experiment in our laboratory. Never have I ever imagined the scope of impact it can bring to a family.”

“I don't know why that trip had such an impact on me, but the good things truly returned to my life.”




In 2006, Chris Tsai, the founder of GGA, was entering a year of uncertainty. When a documentary <39 Pounds of Love> was released, it immediately caught his attention and he decided to visit Israel to meet the male lead Ami. Little did he know this trip allowed him to rediscover the purpose of his career. That is, to create better quality of lives for others by improving public health.


Ami was a patient who suffered from congenital Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Even though doctors claimed he could not live past six years old, he made it to his 30s through his perseverance and family's support. Not only did he become a computer animator by learning to paint with his fingers, he also fulfilled his dream by flying from Israel to America. Meanwhile, his story was filmed as a documentary <39 Pounds of Love>, inspiring people from all around the world.


At that time, Chris Tsai was leading SMA genetic testing in Bionet. With Ami's DNA, Chris Tsai wanted to use his expertise and professional team back in Taiwan to uncover the mystery behind Ami's genes. Chris not only explained this hereditary disease to Ami and his family, but also shared with Ami the breakthroughs of genetic engineering in Taiwan. More importantly, Ami's testing results relieved his family from the potential risk of further SMA occurrence on other family members, and even encouraged Ami's niece to finally pursue her marriage.


Since then, Chris Tsai continued to push for the development of genetic testing. Two years later, he decided to separate the laboratory from Bionet and form a new company: GGA Corporation. He wanted his colleagues to live by the same mission: to create better quality of lives through the power of biotechnology.


This was an encouragement Ami gave to the Taiwanese SMA Society: