Genetic Testing Unit

Driven by its commitment to achieve Personal Healthcare from Age Zero, GGA offers a broad array of testing services not only for embryos and fetuses but also newborns, children and adults. GGA has developed diverse testing services ranging from prenatal screening to pharmacogenomics and even to -oncology. Hospitals, clinics, and patients all have taken advantage of GGA’s high quality and comprehensive chain of services covering the entire process of sample collection, lab testing, and timely report. 
GGA is the 1st biotech company in Taiwan to establish a Genetic Counseling Team to deliver expert customer service to accompany its exceptional genetic testing services. The roles of the Genetic Counseling Team are to support both clinicians and patients in identifying genetic risks, explaining appropriate genetic testing options, interpreting the implications of the test results, and helping patients make informed healthcare decisions.

Informatics Business Unit

GGA established its informatics business unit in 2011, and officially entered the high-end scientific informatics market. This BU not only specializes in bioinformatics and computational life sciences, but also in materials sciences, laboratory informatics, as well as enterprise quality management systems. Armed with cutting-edge computational tools and global company certified expertise, it brings total informatics solutions to biotech and pharmaceutical industries to help solve the productivity, quality, and compliance issues in all stages including research, development, quality, and manufacturing (RDQM). Uniquely positioned as the only biotech company with a full-fledged informatics BU, GGA’s success has reached far beyond biopharma and into other industry sectors including medical devices, consumer packaged goods, chemicals, electronics, and semiconductor. GGA’s solution has become vital to customers in these industries to achieve the so-called “Industry 4.0” state.