Technical Advances

By constantly introducing the latest technology and instrumentation, GGA has built the most comprehensive genetic testing platform. Current service platforms include: high-throughput biochemical analyzer, high-throughput immunological analyzer, automated high-throughput DNA purification system, real-time PCR, DHPLC, MLPA, FISH, array-CGH, SNP array, and Sanger and NGS sequencers. All of the platforms can meet the demand of routine and high-volume service in various genetic testing. Our rich experience in the field and flexible technological platforms enable us to quickly develop new tests by altering the primer designs and analytical criteria.

Precision medicine has rapidly become a major global trend in today’s health industry. GGA’s specialty and expertise in science-based genetic testing has made it the ideal partner for the industry in developing new personalized medicine. Thus, in addition to working with medical institutes in research and development of companion diagnostics (CDx), GGA also collaborates with well-respected domestic and international pharmaceutical companies in the development of new drugs by assisting in developing FDA-approved pharmacogenomics testing.

The Most Advanced and ComprehensiveGenetic Testing Platform




Technology Upgrade


Upgraded technologies to provide better service quality