R&D Center

Lab Overview

GGA has established a world-class genetic testing center with international standard laboratory facility such as positive air pressure clean rooms, to accommodate all genetic testing and molecular biotechnology services. GGA's laboratory operation is accredited by the Collage of American Pathologists (CAP), ISO17025 by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) to ensure high quality service and accurate test results.

Fire safety 

Germany MINIMAX Argon gas automatic fire extinguishing system

  • For laboratories & important facility areas (2~4F & 6F control room), MINIMAX argon automatic extinguishing system has been installed; UL/VDS certified using an ecological and clean inert gas to assure no harm to cells and storage quality. To ensure safety, 2 sets of the argon automatic extinguishing system are installed.


N+2 redundant air conditioning
  • To ensure constant temperature in the laboratories, a 20 million dollars independent air conditioner system has been installed.
  • Central air conditioning using water cool system and 3 main engines warrant a 24 hours stable laboratory temperature of 22℃ +/- 1℃
  • Automatic air detection and exhaust system to maintain oxygen levels


Laboratory Air Control System
  • Laboratories have independent air control system
  • 2 make-up air units (MAU).  Automatic switch in case of brake down or manual for maintenance
  • 3 level filtration of incoming air
  • AHUs for different areas of operat0ion
  • HEPA filtered air
  • 20 volumes air changes per hour, 30/70 fresh to recycled air,
  • Scheduled maintenance


Clean room Facility

Unidirectional material flow: Clean to dirty 

Passboxes between all rooms

Central Monitoring System 
24 hour monitoring of facility temperature, humidity, pressure , air conditioner, CO2 incubators and liquid nitrogen storage tanks.