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UltraPGD, Ultra Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, is a new platform which utilizes these new scientific advances, and incorporates gene chip microarray analysis to streamline the PGD testing process.  UltraPGD is revolutionizing embryo testing for single gene disorders, significantly increasing the number of diseases available for screening, and dramatically shortening the time required for each family's test development.



Advantages of UltraPGD

  • Fastest test development — no lengthy turnaround time needed
  • Powerful technology applicable to almost all single gene disorders
  • Only a simple cheek brush swab sample needed from key family members (no blood sample necessary)
  • Combine single gene UltraPGD with our comprehensive chromosome screening, to maximize chances of a healthy live birth — no second embryo biopsy required
  • Easy addition of testing for a second genetic disorder, including HLA for stem cell transplantation



If your clinic or physicians are interested in our services or need more information, please feel free to email us: GGA@GGA.Asia

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