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Cardiometabolic Risk Analysis


A simple and accurate genetic test to determine a healthy adult's genetic risks for cardiometabolic conditions.





1 Haverfield E. Multigene panel screening for hereditary disease risk in healthy individuals.


People often don't know that they have an inherited health condition.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally. Most disease cases are caused by environmental conditions and lifestyle choices. However, some common health risks like heart disease are inherited and passed down through families.




Why it is good to know your risk?

  • Discover your genetic risk of a particular disease for early treatment and prevention.
  • Detect disease early improves disease outcome.
  • Find if you have genes that may pass increased health risk to your children.
  • Provide information to guide your health care.


Who should take this test?

  • Adults (>18 years old) who would like to understand their risk
  • Adults with family history of diseases


Diseases tested:

GGA Cardiometabolic Risk Analysis tests 38 genes associated with multiple heart-related disorders, connective tissue disorders, and metabolic disorders.



Test Process



Personal Genetic Databank- Package Upgrade

GGA provides different genetic tests according to different categories. You could upgrade your testing package to discover your hereditary cancer risk and check if you are a carrier for certain genetic conditions that may pass onto your offspring (Expanded Carrier Screening).


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