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Comprehensive Down Syndrome Screening Methods


Differed in the weeks of pregnancy, the screening methods for Down syndrome can be divided into first-trimester Down syndrome screening and second-trimester Down syndrome screening. The first-trimester Down syndrome screening primarily provides pregnant women with early screening for understanding the well-being of their babies. If the first-trimester Down syndrome screening was missed early on in one’s pregnancy, the second-trimester maternal serum screening for Down syndrome can be chosen instead. The currently common Down syndrome screening methods are summarized in the following table, briefly described as below:

Table of Down Syndrome Screens
  First-trimester Down Syndrome Screen Second-trimester Down Syndrome Scree Second-trimester Down Syndrome Screen Second-trimester Down Syndrome Screen
Weeks of Pregnancy 11-13+6 weeks 15-20 weeks 15-20 weeks 15-20 weeks
Item High-level ultrasound (nuchal translucency) and maternal serum test (PAPP-A + β-hCG) Maternal serum quadruple test (AFP, β-hCG, uE3, and Inhibin A) Maternal serum triple test (AFP, β-hCG, and uE3) Maternal serum double test (AFP +β-hCG)
Detection Rate 85% 83% 69-77% 50-60%

1.The test can be carried out earlier on during the first trimester and has a high detection rate.

1.The test has a higher detection rate than the traditional maternal serum double test.

Less expensive Less expensive


2.One is able to undergo high-level ultrasound early in pregnancy, allowing for earlier observation of the fetus.

2.Probabilities of the fetus having a neural defect and the Edward’s syndrome (Trisomy 18) can be found out at the same time.



Ref: detection rate = the proportion among all pregnant women with Down syndrome fetus that can be detected via the result of the particular screening, the one with the higher detection rate is capable of a better screening effect; the data was taken from ACOG Practice Bulletin, Obstetrics & Gynecology,
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