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A genetic test designed to improve the chances of reproductive success

Chromosomal abnormalities are one of the major causes for the failure of embryo implantation, miscarriage, or fetal growth retardation, etc. Through PGS, the embryo with health chromosomes can be selected for implantation. The success rate for IVF will be increased. The women over 35 or those diagnosed as infertile can then conceive successfully.
GGA will provide the latest NGS based PGT-A. PGS/PGT-A is a new highly effective technology for the decoding of the whole set of genomes. It has been proved applicable for clinical medicine, including chromosomal abnormalities, genetic defects, and mitochondrial DNA mutation, etc. By conducting high throughput sequencing through massive short sequences, NGS can identify healthy embryos more rapidly and more accurately through the high resolution testing and increase the success rate of IVF.




Women over 34 years old who intend to be pregnant
Women diagnosed as infertile
Those with recurrent miscarriage
Those who have IVF cycle failure for more than three times


In comparison with aCGH, NGS is in higher resolution and quality and the result is easier to read.
The accuracy and repeatability of NGS can be enhanced through reading depth of pair-end.
It is more beneficial for the analysis on chromosome mosaicism and microarray of non-balanced translocation.


A simple and rapid sequencing analysis platform
All the data of sequencing are analyzed by the platform of illumina NGS, which is capable of rapidly amplify the sequence and complete sequencing.
Highly automatic system procedure
The single machine is functioned for amplification, sequencing, and data analysis, reducing human errors.
Basespace—a cloud platform
It provides real-time data sharing, backups the data in a safe way, and conducts biological information analysis.


Through blind testing 54 kinds of cells from the human embryos, NGS based PGT-A proves to be 100% specificity and sensitivity. NGS is not  only capable to screen out embryos with healthy diploid, but can also detect genomic mutation in DNA or Mitochondria.


Ref.:J Med Genet. 2014 Aug;51(8):553-62. Clinical utilisation of a rapid  low-pass whole genome sequencing technique for the diagnosis of aneuploidy in human embryos prior to implantation.           
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