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Materials Studio Overview

The most powerful and advanced simulation software!


Modeling and Simulation for Next Generation Materials. BIOVIA Materials Studio® is a complete modeling and simulation environment that enables researchers in materials science and chemistry to develop new materials by predicting the relationships of a material’s atomic and molecular structure with its properties and behavior. Using Materials Studio, researchers in many industries can engineer better performing materials of all types, including pharmaceuticals, catalysts, polymers and composites, metals and alloys, batteries and fuel cells, nanomaterials, and more.


Materials Studio is the world’s most advanced, yet easy to use environment for modeling and evaluating materials performance and behavior. Using Materials Studio, materials scientists experience the following benefits:

  • Reduction in cost and time associated with physical testing and experimentation through “Virtual Screening” of candidate material variations.
  • Acceleration of the innovation process - developing new, better performing, more sustainable, and cost effective materials faster than can be done with physical testing and experimentation.
  • Improved fundamental understanding of the relationship between atomic and molecular structure with material properties and behavior.
  • Powerful materials informatics capabilities through adoption of computational materials science as a complement to laboratory experimentation.
  • Automation & best-practice sharing with the Materials Studio Collection for BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot, as well as the MaterialsScript API.