Product Information

BIOVIA Workbook

BIOVIA Workbook is more than a digital lab book, and meets the following demands:

  • BIOVIA Workbook is Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) that satisfy the demands of research-based laboratory.
  • BIOVIA Workbook consolidates experimental data (numbers, text, formula, images, figures) from multiple domains into fully versioned documents controlled by secure document versioning, electronic signatures and audit trails.
  • BIOVIA Workbook provides workers to access the platform via a range of devices, enabling workers to continue write-ups automatically and eliminate human error, and will be more than twice as time-saving as with regular platforms.
  • BIOVIA Workbook provides diversified research teams to deploy and maintain workflows, enhancing collaboration and productivity.
  • BIOVIA Workbook provides the tailored reporting that supports superior searching, data mining and various information displays.
  • In a new drug development lab, any operators, recorders, reviewers, and inspectors have the corresponding roles and authentication processes in an experiment. BIOVIA Workbook supports comprehensive workflows for authentication processes during an experiment.
  • BIOVIA Workbook is compliant with GLP, GMP, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and guarantees the reliability of data transfers through multi-level authentication processes. It provides evidence for applying a patent and medicament license.
  • BIOVIA Workbook satisfies customer's demands to securely capture, manage, share and exploit data, especially for contract research (CRO) and contract manufacturing organizations (CMO).

BIOVIA Workbook is a leading global electronic lab notebook and serves the top 30 pharmaceutical companies and many research organizations. It meets the current lab requirements and is essential to help pharmaceutical companies efficiently translate large amounts of data into drug market applications.